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Cassandra*, aka Sweet Beat Petite is a passionate multi-faceted teacher, performance artist and costume designer.

Her passion for life lights up the stage in beautifully hand crafted adornments that sparkle and stir the imagination awake.

Her sensual beat poetry lulls the mind and ignites the heart.  

Her mesmerizing self cultivated dance style, Martial Erotica, is a hypnotic fusion inspired by her interests in belly dance, burlesque, martial arts, ballet, modern and Latin styling.

She is also Head Mistress of the Alchemy of Power, where she teaches the way to weave the alchemy of spirit into body with self-care practices, communication and efficiency techniques.

She is an EFT practitioner, motivational wellness coach and performance enhancement trainer. 

She has dedicated her life to inspiring people to take responsibility and lead by example. To live a life they love by accessing and sharing their unique core genius, to make this world a better place.

“We are all the masters, creating our finest masterpieces.”

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